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Spring Break Camp

Want to spend the morning in the newest indoor playground in Calgary? At our Spring Break Camp, kids will climb, roll, jump, swing on the monkey bars, work on balance and agility, play games and complete a full obstacle course all while having fun in a controlled learning environment.


COR.WARRIOR is a comprehensive class incorporating all pillars of COR.Fitness. Designed to challenge all levels of fitness, participants will develop a true baseline of their obstacle racing abilities, while improving their overall fitness, confidence and mental capabilities.


COR.OBSTACLE focuses on the skill development and execution required to be race ready. A variety of techniques are practiced with focus on form and transition, ensuring obstacle synchronization and movement efficiency.


Participants can experience the thrill of racing and test their grit in this exciting race simulation class. In, coaches will create novel obstacle courses to mimic race conditions using formats such as:
(1) Time Trials (2) Team Pursuit (3) Titan


This two hour session provides young warriors and ninjas the fundamental skills to develop into a well-rounded athlete. The class exposes participants to obstacles and puzzles and tracks progress throughout their development. For ages 8-15.


Over 1.5 hours, athletes will train to build strength, obstacle skills and endurance, and will have fun in this group setting. Every session is different from the last, as we develop athletes of all skill and experience levels within our culture of support, challenge and success. Formats may include a variety of calisthenics and race-preparedness drills which embrace the unknown and tackle the seemingly "impossible."

Open Gym

Remember the freedom of just showing up at the park and playing? Open gym provides the blank canvas to play or work on skill development in pursuit of higher fitness or your next obstacle course race. This is a self-directed session and although there is no particular structure, our trainers will happily provide instruction and suggestions on how to better challenge yourself.

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